Delivery and return policy

1. General principles and regulations

  • E-commerce website is owned by Dang Phong Co., Ltd.
  • Provisions of the official website take effect from the time of posting content on the website. The company’s management has the right to adjust and change the posted content in accordance with the actual operation and responsibility to notify on the website.

2. Delivery

  • Products are delivered to the customer at the address agreed between the two parties.
  • In case of changing the delivery address, the customer must contact the company to notify the customer’s name, phone number and new delivery address. In some cases, we require the customer to present their identity card/passport for inspection before receiving the goods..
  • Customer must check and sign the delivery note when receiving the products.

3. Provisions of the scope of delivery

4. Delivery time

  • For customers within Buon Ma Thuot city: Goods delivered within the day
  • For customers outside the province: Goods delivered from 3 to 6 working days

5. Provisions for exchange products

  • Product has technical error.
  • Product has payment invoice, delivery note, warranty card.
  • Product is intact, complete with tags.
  • Product is not deformed (scratched, dented, stained, broken…).
  • Product has all accessories included.

6. How to exchange product

  • If customer changes product of the same capacity and type, there is no other cost.
  • If customer changes product to another type or capacity, the difference must be paid or the difference refunded.

7. Time to exchange product

Product can be exchanged within 3 months of purchase. Warranty date will be calculated from the date of first purchase of the product (not counting from the date of exchange).

8. Payment policy

Pay immediately when buying product at store or distributor.

9. Complaint handling

Any questions or complaints, please contact phone number 0262.3.957815 – 3.956.493 or email and