Frequently asked questions

  • The power used is too weak, does not meet the capacity of the pump
  • Pump is overloaded, possibly due to empty suction, close discharge

For pump used for a long time:

  • When you see the automat jump, you should check the capacitor again, the water pipe may be blown at the top of the shackles/elbows, broken along the pipe or slipped off the pipe or not.
  • When you see that the automat does not jump, you should check the automat or the voltage of the area with a power outage.
  • Power lines can be moved
  • Pump is burnt

For new pump use:

  • The well is not properly cleaned, the sand particles hit the wings, making the pump not work
  • The pipe may break or slip
  • Currently, the DAPHOVINA brand rocket pump is diversely designed with many types of high-grade PC plastic blades such as 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-mm impellers that can be used for many other shallow and deep wells. together.
  • With weak electricity and deep static water, you use a small capacity pump so that the voltage in the area can be met. At the same time, use narrow slit wings such as 4 cups, 6 cups with many layers of wings that can be sucked in deep water.
  • DAPHOVINA low-head pump with box vane can be used to push waste away or for deep manholes
  • When the suction discharge is close, use the leaf blade for large discharge water flow.

1. Always place the pump submerged in water. Don’t run dry, run on land

2. Pump must be placed at least 2-5m . from the bottom

3. Single-phase pumps use a voltage of at least 180V, if lower, please contact the manufacturer

4. When using a three-phase pump, please check each phase carefully to avoid a phase failure that causes a pump fire

5. If the pump does not work after plugging in the power, please disconnect the power and check the power again. If the phase is reversed, handle it by keeping 1 wire, inverting the other two wires

6. When you turn off the pump and want to use it again, you must wait at least 10-15 minutes for the water to return

For high-pressure pumps (dug wells, ponds)

  • For small pumps, can be placed vertically or horizontally, but for large pumps of 4Hp or more, please place horizontally, limit vertical placement

For well pump

1. Place the pump upright when in use, not horizontally

2. If the newly drilled well still has a lot of sand, please let the pump run continuously for 8-10 hours and only turn off the machine when the water comes out clean (To avoid the case of sand particles getting stuck in the wing)

You can use pump series I of DAPHOVINA submersible pump (I3 for 1-phase power, I4 for 3-phase power), This pump line is designed as a well pump with multiple impellers to help push water to a height of 50m.

  • The power used is too weak
  • Small pump transmission line
  • Check the watch for damage

The company has applied Lazer printing technology to pump parameters on the electrical part, you can check and compare.

Electric move is the phenomenon of bad electrical contact.

  • Move phenomenon:  Three pump can’t float or pump but water is weak.
  • Check:  Wire connections/clips, circuit breakers, automat.
  • Solution:  Clean and re-tighten the joints.
  • Wrong electrical connection
  • Drop does not touch the water or lower the bottom water level, so the pump needs to be lower than the still water level.
  • The screen mesh is chipped or clogged with dirt or something
  • Disconnect the power cord
  • The power used for the camcorder is too weak
  • Use wing is not suitable
  • Rocket pump 0.5 Hp to 1 Hp should use 27 hose and 49 out 27 stainless steel elbow
  • Fire pump 1.5 Hp to 2 Hp should use pipe 34 and stainless steel elbow 49 out 34
  • 3 HP rocket pump using 40 hose and stainless steel elbow or 49 out 40 stainless steel shackle
  • However, in some cases where the water level is deep, a smaller tube should be used.
  • Rocket pump 2 Hp to 3 Hp should use phi 34 or phi 40 and 49 out 34/40 stainless steel elbows or 49 out 40 stainless steel shackles
  • Pump 5 Hp to 10 Hp should use phi 45 or phi 50 pipe and stainless steel shackles 49 out 45/50

Bare stainless steel cable is made of stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion, while the cable with plastic sheath inside is made of iron, it is not resistant to rust and corrosion. Using a plastic coating for a while can become brittle. broken and the iron core inside can be rusted leading to unsafe cable breakage when hanging the pump.

It is recommended to use a magnetic start box for the pump because when the power source is out of phase or the voltage is unstable, the magnetic starter box helps to control, close the pump to help protect the motor from unwanted short-circuiting.