Frequently asked questions

  • Rocket pump 0.5 Hp to 1 Hp should use 27 hose and 49 out 27 stainless steel elbow
  • Fire pump 1.5 Hp to 2 Hp should use pipe 34 and stainless steel elbow 49 out 34
  • 3 HP rocket pump using 40 hose and stainless steel elbow or 49 out 40 stainless steel shackle
  • However, in some cases where the water level is deep, a smaller tube should be used.
  • Rocket pump 2 Hp to 3 Hp should use phi 34 or phi 40 and 49 out 34/40 stainless steel elbows or 49 out 40 stainless steel shackles
  • Pump 5 Hp to 10 Hp should use phi 45 or phi 50 pipe and stainless steel shackles 49 out 45/50

Bare stainless steel cable is made of stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion, while the cable with plastic sheath inside is made of iron, it is not resistant to rust and corrosion. Using a plastic coating for a while can become brittle. broken and the iron core inside can be rusted leading to unsafe cable breakage when hanging the pump.

It is recommended to use a magnetic start box for the pump because when the power source is out of phase or the voltage is unstable, the magnetic starter box helps to control, close the pump to help protect the motor from unwanted short-circuiting.