Warranty Policy


  1. Always place pumps deep in water. Do not run on ground or run dry.
  2. Keep pump in an UPRIGHT position while running. Do not keep on its side.
  3. The gap between the bottom of the well and pumps must be 2-5 mm at least.
  4. The lowest voltage for running one-phase pumps is 180V.
  5. For three-phase pumps, please check voltage of each phase before using, lost phase will cause bad damages for pumps.
  6. If Pumps do not work properly after plugging in, please cut the power then change phase by keeping one wire and switch the others.
  7. Must allow 10-15 minutes between turning the pump OFF and then ON to allow pump to empty of water completely.
  8. Must keep pumps working continuously from 8 to 10 hours and only stop when water is clean and clear, If it is new well which has been drilled and sandy (To avoid dirt being stuck between propellers).