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120 liters solar water heater

Product code


Product type

Solar water heater.

Warranty period

5 years.


  • Capacity: 120 liters.
  • Base frame length: 2,150mm.
  • Base frame width: 1,000mm.
  • Base frame height: 1,100mm.


Product DPVN.NLMT.12 is DAPHOVINA 120 liters solar water heater, safe for health and environmentally friendly.

DAPHOVINA solar water heater is manufactured by advanced casting and plating techniques to effectively absorb solar energy.

Solar tube structure

The 5-layer vacuum tube is a vacuum heat-absorbing tube with an outer layer made of high-grade transparent glass.

  • Layer 1: High-grade transparent glass, which helps in sunlight exposure and easy heat transfer.
  • Layer 2: Copper alloy with high heat transfer ability.
  • Layer 3: Titanium Dioxide so it resists infrared radiation and cleans water.
  • Layer 4: Aluminum alloy so the vacuum tube absorbs up to 99.5% of sunlight.
  • Layer 5: Anti-scale layer that makes the inside of the pipe not dirty, so the water flowing in the pipe is clean.
Product codeCapacityNumber of usersLengthWidthHeight
DPVN.NLMT.12120 liters02 - 032,1501,0001,100Details
DPVN.NLMT.15140 liters02 - 032,1501,1501,100Details
DPVN.NLMT.14150 liters03 - 042,1501,2401,100Details
DPVN.NLMT.16160 liters03 - 042,1501,3101,100Details
DPVN.NLMT.18180 liters04 - 062,1501,4801,100Details
DPVN.NLMT.20200 liters04 - 062,1501,6401,100Details
DPVN.NLMT.22220 liters06 - 082,15018001,100Details
DPVN.NLMT.24240 liters06 - 082,1501,9701,100Details
DPVN.NLMT.30300 liters08 - 102,1502,4501,100Details


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Utilizing solar energy, solar water heaters are an energy-saving solution for hot water production in homes and businesses.

Minimize harmful emissions to the environment and reduce costs for hot water production.

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