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DAPHOVINA greenhouse drying

Product type

Module house


About the product

Solar drying houses have a large capacity, are easy to assemble, high efficiency, shortens drying time, saves human effort and is environmentally friendly.

The greenhouse drying is used in processing agricultural, forestry and fishery products to help improve product value and ensure food safety and hygiene.

Product is manufactured according to the customer’s order requirements.

The greenhouse growing structure includes

  • Heat-collecting coating film is imported 100% from Israel with optimal heat absorption, high durability.
  • The frame of greenhouse drying is made of galvanized steel material, designed with weldless assembled structure with high bearing capacity.
  • Drying tray.
  • Dehumidifier fan.
  • Automatic temperature control system (according to customer’s requirement).



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Application of DAPHOVINA greenhouse drying

Operating on the principle of the greenhouse effect to save electricity, the solar drying house offers high quality and efficiency in activities such as:

  • Greenhouse drying house for agricultural products (cocoa, coffee,…), greenhouse drying house for fruits (mango, avocado,…)
  • Greenhouse drying house for drying fish, drying machine for bulk food and pharmaceuticals.

How to install and use DAPHOVINA greenhouse drying

  • Put pre-processed agricultural and aquatic products on the drying tray and keep the distance between each product.
  • Start the fan to dehumidify so that hot air circulates in the drying house.
  • Install additional modules to expand the drying area and improve productivity.


  • Adjust the drying time to suit each product to avoid too dry or wet.
  • Limit drying of many agricultural and aquatic products at the same time.

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