Cooperative Agreement between Nha Trang University and Daphonimex Co.,Ltd;

Cooperation in the fields of training, scientific research and technology transfer.

Cooperation in the fields of training, scientific research and technology transfer.

In the afternoon of October 23rd, at the meeting room No. 02, Nha Trang University and Dang Phong Production – Commerce – Service – Import and Export Co., Ltd signed a cooperation agreement on training, scientific research and technology transfer.

According to the agreement, Dang Phong Company and Nha Trang University will implement the following main contents:

– Nha Trang University develops short-term training programs to improve professional capacity and scientific research for the staffs and managers of the company.

– The two parties propose and implement scientific research projects, programs and projects that are highly applicable to socio-economic development and in accordance with the strengths of each party.

– Dang Phong Company participates in teaching and evaluating the quality of student training, together with Nha Trang University, develops and adjusts training programs in accordance with industry standards, enterprise standards, real production of the business.

– Each year, the Company cooperates with the university to provide scholarships for students with excellent academic results. To select graduates of good, excellent and excellent degrees in order to work at the company. At the same time, the Company creates favorable conditions for students, Master students and PhD students to practice learn the production and management in the company.

Dang Phong Company is an enterprise located in the Central Highlands, specializing in manufacturing and trading all kinds of motors, water pumps, electrical equipment, especially submersible pumps, stainless steel tanks and solar power, mechanical machine…