DAPHOVINA – Summer 2017

Summer 2017 marked a year of full enthusiasm and productivity of the team of employees and company with the sincere support of customers for all products of Dang Phong.

Summer trip to Nha Trang 2017 recorded the moments of a collective spirit and solidarity of all customers for the brand of Daphovina.

2017 – 26 years one way!

Let’s take a look at some typical images of the summer holidays of the whole company and the honor to be welcomed and grateful to the delegation is the close customers from all over the country.

This summer has recorded the happy moments from the smallest things, whether it is the smile of the little boy with his father to build sandy fortress, or it is the fist yeah the joy of teammates in a big team game – Team building.

It will not be enough to mention the successes created by the many pieces of effort and enthusiasm, the intellect and the spirit of teamwork, the pioneering and responsibility showed in the rowing race and search for the pieces together to join the corporate logo.

Thank you all for coming and becoming part of Daphovina’s team to contribute and create more products for the community. Thank you the customers for having chosen and supported Dang Phong to continue on the road of sustainable development of collective spirit of Vietnamese and to be proud of the product with the color red of yellow star flag, warm two voices “Vietnam”.

Let us also continue to make so such many summer, stage of the hall and then will always give way to the future generation of buds of the country laughed up, expressed themselves with all innocence and the clarity of childhood, also have to say that also extremely intelligent and humorous in each answer. With all this, the auditorium followed the children and cried with their children.