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Deep well pump phi 92 - 380V - 7.5Hp

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Deep well pump phi 92.

Warranty period

1 year.


  • Voltage: 380V (3 phases).
  • Capacity: 7.5Hp.
  • Outer diameter (phi): 92mm.
  • Outlet water flow: customized according to request from 5.1m3/h to 15m3/h
  • Pump drop depth: customized according to request from 50m to 200m.


DAPHOVINA submersible is certified to ISO 9001:2015 international standard for quality management system.

DPVN.C3070.9 is a deep well pump 7.5Hp, phi 92mm, using 3-phase voltage, high pressure, deep suction, far push and save energy.

The impeller is designed to be adjusted as required to match the usage environment, water level and water flow.

The pump structure consists of two parts:

1. Electrical part:

  • Pump shaft and casing around the pump body are made of stainless steel.
  • Produced on the most advanced automatic line, the motor is wrap in pure copper and can withstand temperatures up to 220°C.

2. Impeller:

  • The casing, impeller core and pump head are made of stainless steel for absolute corrosion resistance.
  • Impeller is made of stainless steel and POM plastic with high strength and wear resistance. With light weight, plastic impeller structure reduces the load of the motor, making the pump stronger and save 25% of electricity compared to pumps of the same capacity.
Product codecustomized specificationscustomized specificationscustomized specifications
DPVN.C3100.980m - 10.5m3/h
60m - 18m3/h
70m - 13.2m3/h
160m - 8.2m3/h
120m - 14.2m3/h
140m - 10.5m3/h
205m - 6.8m3/h
150m - 12.2m3/h
195m - 8.2m3/h
DPVN.C3070.990m - 8.5m3/h
60m - 11.2m3/h
50m - 15m3/h
140m - 6.2m3/h
115m - 9.5m3/h
85m - 12.5m3/h
200m - 5.1m3/h
175m - 6.2m3/h
115m - 9.1m3/h
DPVN.C3050.980m - 7.5m3/h
50m - 10.5m3/h
40m - 14.5m3/h
120m - 6.2m3/h
105m - 8.2m3/h
75m - 10.5m3/h
180m - 5.3m3/h
136m - 6m3/h
88m - 9m3/h
DPVN.C3040.960m - 7m3/h
47m - 10.2m3/h
100m - 5.8m3/h
85m - 7.7m3/h
140m - 5.2m3/h
120m - 5.7m3/h
DPVN.C3030.960m - 6.3m3/h
55m - 7m3/h
45m - 10m3/h
35m - 12m3/h
30m - 14.5m3/h
100m - 5m3/h
90m - 5.2m3/h
75m - 7.5m3/h
60m - 9m3/h
45m - 11m3/h
130m - 3.5m3/h
120m - 4.9m3/h
95m - 5.2m3/h
80m - 7m3/h
55m - 8.4m3/h
DPVN.C3020.950m - 6.2m3/h
40m - 7.5m3/h
35m - 9m3/h
25m - 11m3/h
70m - 5m3/h
65m - 5.6m3/h
55m - 7.5m3/h
40m - 9.1m3/h
105m - 3.5m3/h
85m - 4.2m3/h
72m - 5m3/h
60m - 6.2m3/h


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Guidelines and requirements for use:

  • The gap between the bottom of the well and pumps must be 2 – 5 meters at least.
  • Only use 3 phases submersible pump when the grid voltage from 340V to 380V.
  • Electrical contact wire must be at least 2 milimeters in diameter or large.
  • Remember you must allow 10 – 15 minutes between turning the pump OFF and then ON again to allow pump to empty water completely.
  • Do not immerse the end of the pipe in the water tank to prevent water from coming back out when the pump is OFF and hang the head up high so that rubbish and rocks aren’t attracted to the pipe, blocking the impeller.
  • Start the deep well pump when dropping in the well with water


  • Do not use the pump to dredge wells and must not stand in the water while the pump is working.

With its power-saving features, the ability to push away and circulate water in deep wells, the deep well pump phi 92 is applied to a variety of needs such as:

  • In daily life: deep well pump, household water pump.
  • In artistic activities: dedicated submersible pump integrated with artistic fountains, mist pump.
  • In agricultural production: water pump for watering plants.
  • In industrial production: pump used in fuel extraction industry (coal, stone and mineral mines).

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